2020-2021 Reopening Plan

CFS is pleased to share the following information about our plans to reopen for the 2020-2021 academic year. CFS will operate in distance learning for the first semester (September 10 - December 18), with an option to participate in distance learning from the CFS campus. The second semester will be in-person learning. Please see the calendar at right for updated dates for the year. Note: Local, state and/or national mandates and guidelines may require some of these details to change as the year progresses. 


List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Does CFS have a plan to reopen campus in fall 2020?

    CFS has released a for on-campus operations. Per local guidance, the first semester (September 10 - December 18) will be distance learning, with the option for students to participate either from their homes or from the CFS campus. 
  • Q. Is CFS following a phased approach to reopening campus?

    Yes. Students who opt to return to campus for the first semester will return in a staggered fashion by grade level, and quarantine in single rooms for at least 14 days. 
  • Q. What measures will be in place to ensure everyone’s health and safety when they return to campus?

    The following represents the core aspects of our health and wellness program. Please note that students and adults alike will be at an increased level of exposure to COVID-19 and other illnesses. Our efforts are to observe an increased standard of care, but this does not guarantee a risk-free campus environment at any time.
    • Hygiene – hand-washing, regular laundry and keeping one’s room wiped down is the responsibility of each student.
    • Mask wearing - Everyone on campus will be required to wear a mask except when in the cottage, eating or actively engaged in athletics as directed by coaches. Mask wearing is not optional. 
    • Cleaning/hygiene – students and adults will be engaged in daily cleaning of rooms, cottages, classrooms, dining center, meeting areas and athletic facilities according to a rotating schedule that will involve everyone on a daily basis. Face masks are not a replacement for good hygiene. Frequent hand washing, cough/sneeze etiquette and proper disposal of used tissues will be expected. 
    • Wellness checks – everyone on campus will be checked daily by school nurses for any signs or symptoms of illness.
  • Q. What other bodies may influence CFS’s planned return and continuity planning?

    Federal and state officials continue to update their respective communities about the health and safety situation in them. CFS will follow CDC and PA mandates and they are subject to change as conditions and updated protocols warrant.
  • Q. What if the public health situation significantly improves or worsens?

    The plan to reopen is CFS’s best effort to present a calendar for the entire year. Some modification of off-campus activities is possible should conditions improve. CFS is prepared to return to online learning in the spring should conditions worsen and social distancing requirements become more restrictive.
  • Q. What should I bring?

    Please pack clothes and items your student will need thru Nov 20. You are encouraged to pack lightly and when students are dismissed for the Thanksgiving holiday, they will need to take all of their belongings home.

    Families will be responsible to pick up their students before the Thanksgiving break. We will arrange for transportation to the airport for those students that live a long distance away and fly, however, please be prepared to pick up your student in case of any travel restrictions.
  • Q. Can I ship items to CFS? 

    Please do not ship any items to CFS until at least August 17. 
  • Q. Should I drive or fly to CFS for the start of school if I am completing my pre-arrival 14-day quarantine more than 2-3 hours away from Exton?

    All families are encouraged to drive their student to CFS as airport and train pickups will be limited to those who are not able to do so and have requested and received permission a minimum of seven days in advance from Director of Student Life, Chet Blair.


List of 16 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What about evening and weekend activities? 

    CFS will be operating in the evening and on weekends. Activities will be offered every weekend, however, trips off campus are cancelled; this includes trips to the malls and movies. Students and faculty will have many opportunities to engage with one another and have fun. Students will be restricted to campus on the weekends, except for emergencies/student illnesses. Should conditions improve, restrictions may be lifted. 
  • Q. What if I cannot make it back to campus by my scheduled return date?

    All families and students should contact the Director of Student Life should any complications about your planned return arise.
  • Q. What happens between Thanksgiving and February 1?

    All coursework to complete the first semester will be online beginning November 29 until students return to campus in late January/early February (winter break runs from December 18 - January 30). CFS students are encouraged, though not required, to engage in learning activities that may augment what they are doing in classes or be a special point of interest during January. 

    CFS faculty and advisors will be offering suggestions for this as well as independent reading choices. Students with grades below a certain threshold may be required to complete a program of extra help as indicated by their teacher and the Academic Office.
  • Q. What is the full calendar for the year?

    Please see the sidebar for the 2020-2021 school calendar.
  • Q. How will physical distancing be practiced in classrooms?

    Tables, desks and chairs in each classroom are being arranged for best practices of 6-foot distancing. Masks are being required. Students will follow a rotation of in-class and online learning in some situations where enrollment in a class section is greater than the designated room capacity.
  • Q. Will campus events occur this fall?

    In order to maintain good health and distancing guidelines, CFS does not contemplate being able to hold events on campus this fall, perhaps for the entire year. This includes Parents’ Weekend and we are planning a virtual method for parents to connect with advisors and the school by early October.
  • Q. Will I be able to visit my child/children on campus or will they be allowed to come home?

    To best protect the community, the school’s expectation is that the campus will remain restricted to those who live and work here. Students should not plan on taking a weekend and parents should not plan on visiting. Parents are allowed to schedule a visit through the Director of Student Life in the case of an emergency.
  • Q. What happens if my child gets sick?

    Any student feeling unwell and for any reason should report immediately to the Infirmary. Students diagnosed to have an illness will be required to return home immediately and families must be prepared to pick up their child within 8 hours. Students living outside a 200 mile radius of the CFS campus may be required to enter isolation or quarantine.
  • Q. How/when will students move into their cottage rooms?

    Masks are required. Students are required to arrive on their assigned day. All students and families are first required to check in at the Health Center for a wellness check and other matters pertaining to registration.
  • Q. Will parents be allowed on campus to help move items into the cottages?

    Only students and one parent is permitted to enter their cottage where they will have the guidance of faculty in each cottage to support setting up their room and prepare for the first few weeks of school.
  • Q. Can I leave campus for a college visit?

    We anticipate that all college visits will be done virtually. Seniors are encouraged to visit a college campus over the summer as conditions permit.
  • Q. Will students be able to be tested for COVID-19?

    Students will be tested for COVID-19 should they present conditions and symptoms warranting such a test.
  • Q. Will there be a preseason for athletics?

    Not this year. Students are being required to return to campus by grade level which necessitates the start of athletic training after all students have returned.
  • Q. Where will my child go if sick or quarantined, or if campus closes?

    CFS has limited beds for individual isolation and quarantine conditions. Individual students will be required to return home or to a designated guardian in the event of illness and/or campus closure. An entire cottage may be isolated or quarantined should health conditions warrant.
  • Q. Will fall athletics and interscholastic competition occur?

    There will be no fall athletics season. All students will play an intramural schedule of competition. This condition could improve should health guidelines continue to allow for such expansion of athletic activity.
  • Q. What will happen to winter and spring athletics?

    We do not have a decision on winter athletics at this time. CFS anticipates a varsity schedule of competition for spring sports.


List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Will I need to quarantine upon arrival to the United States? 

    International students will be required to quarantine with their host family for 14 days upon arrival to the U.S.
  • Q. What about my visa status? 

    Please check your visa documents well in advance to ensure they are in order for entry to the United States. 
  • Q. What if I can't fly home for winter break or get sick? 

    International students are required to have a designated U.S. host or guardian with whom they can stay in the event of illness and/or campus closure.  


List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. When does school start for day students?

    All students start distance learning on September 10. 
  • Q. Will I need to participate in wellness checks?

    Along with faculty and staff residing off campus, day students will be required to have a daily wellness check. Parents must be prepared to have their student return home immediately in the event of concerns raised by this important check-in process. Day students will not be permitted on campus until the second semester begins in February. 
  • Q. Can day students stay overnight? 

    Day students will not be permitted to stay on campus overnight for the entire school year.
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